Venner PneuX™ System

Engineered to protect ventilated patients with a multi-factorial approach

  • Prevents microaspiration past the tracheal tube cuff
  • Maintains the cuff seal during patient or equipment movement
  • Automates tracheal tube cuff pressure
  • Enable Subglottic Secretion Drainage and irrigation

Reducing VAP

The Venner PneuX™ System is associated with a very high reduction in VAP. This can potentially lead to significant cost reductions and should be implemented as part of the VAP reduction bundle.” The estimated total net savings for a hospital performing 300 episodes of intubation per year were £255,108. Return on investment (668%).

Overall, findings suggest that the benefits of Venner PneuX™ exceed its additional cost, resulting in a total net benefit of £738 per patient. Venner PneuX™ resulted in lower costs and a gain in quality-adjusted life years. The results are robust to extreme values of the key parameters in the analysis.

Reducing VAP