Welcome to Venner Medical International

We are Inspired by Ideas. Driven by Quality. Our technologies are driven by physicians who recognise a gap in current clinical experience in both airway and critical care management. These concepts are then brought to realisation through our quality engineering and marketed by dedicated companies globally.

As an active company in the healthcare industry, we invest a significant amount of time and resources in continued education for our stakeholders. We take this as part of our responsibility in nurturing the next generation of medical professionals and contribute to the advancement of medical practice for the benefit of humanity.


AAM Healthcare is a global provider who specialises in advanced airway management video technology.


PneuX Life Systems is focused on providing clinical benefits to both the patient and healthcare provider.


Venner DruGuardian™ security device monitors and records drug cabinet access.


Venner WireSafe™ helps prevent guidewire retention and allows safe disposal of sharps and wires.