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Venner WireSafe™ – Protecting patients, safeguarding staff

The unique design of Venner WireSafe™ procedural pack facilitates CVC insertions, prevents guidewire retention and allows safe disposal of sharps and wires.1 Designed to prevent a never event of guidewire retention, one of the commonest retained devices in the NHS.2 

Venner WireSafe™ can:

> Prevent guidewire retention (P<0.0001)

> Facilitates CVC insertion

> Allow safe disposal of sharps and wires

> Improve safety of central line procedures for patients and staff


Venner WireSafe™ features:

Procedure pack – Enables user to complete the task safely
Simple key-lock opening – uses the guidewire to open the box
Sharps box – Utilise Venner WireSafe™ as a wire and sharps disposal

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Venner WireSafe™ Brochure (PDF) >>

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Venner WireSafe™ Product Specification

Product code Description Quantity
200000 Venner WireSafe™ 1


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