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Venner DruGuardian™ – Improving Patient Care and Staff Safety

The unique design of Venner DruGuardian™ security device monitors and records drug cabinet access. It acts primarily to deter drug theft and tampering whilst optimising staff and patient safety. Venner DruGuardian™ was carefully designed to aid staff in modifying their behaviour so trolley abandonment becomes an infrequent event.1,2 

20-fold improvement between the baseline data where the drug cabinet was left unattended for longer than 40 seconds compared to the alarm being activated (480s vs 22s/day).3

95% improvement when using Venner DruGuardian™ with the alarm feature active.3

Venner DruGuardian™ features:

APA features

Alarm – activates when drug cabinet is unattended

Locking system – to prevent tampering

Multiple level security – 3 modes of security levels Low/Medium/High

Cradle – to secure Venner DruGuardian™ to the drug cabinet

Motion/light sensor – detect movement and activate the alarm, if the drug cabinet is left unattended

Wide angle camera – takes time stamped images

Rechargeable battery

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