Chris Lee – Director on set!

Chris has more than 28 years of business experience in the Medical Devices sector and has gained significant experience of corporate blue chip, main listed, MSE’s and start-up companies.  With increasingly senior leadership positions culminating in a CEO role, Chris has lived and worked in Asia, Europe and the USA. Previous roles have resulted in a broad knowledge and experience of the Orthopaedics, Minimally Invasive Surgery, Wound Closure and Anaesthesia segments as well as a solid overview of the entire devices space.

Chris enjoyed an 18 year career with Johnson & Johnson covering 3 businesses in the medical devices sector. For the last 6 years he had P&L responsibility for three different businesses with sales of $60m, $300m and $1b respectively. In addition he has been CEO of a public company listed on the London Stock Exchange as well as Deputy CEO of LMA who were listed in Singapore and sold to Teleflex in 2012 for $300m.

Chris has a Marketing Degree from Napier University and an MBA from Cranfield University. Chris will never say no to a good cup of coffee! True! I am also known for never turning down a challenge whatever it may be!

Fun facts

  1. Where are we most likely to find you in your downtime (that is if you ever get any!) I am at my most happiest with my family, on a bike or on a golf course!
  2. What is your favourite place in the world? I love Asia – The diversity, difference and cultures make for a very interesting place!
  3. Favourite hobby, sports club? Big fan of West Ham United and enjoy watching any top level sport.

Adrian P Waterton – Producer on set!
Managing Director

APW has nearly 30 years in project and supply chain management. Formerly working for an NGO Foundation in Eastern Europe setting up and supplying child trauma clinics. Adrian moved to supply chain management for the Venner Medical Group and has been based in our Singapore office for 10 years. APW co-ordinates the new innovative device projects along with managing all of the groups quality medical device manufacturing. Adrian will always be seen with a phone in his hand – the team would like to know when his battery will run out!

Fun facts

Given that he is always on the phone the team has decided to write his answers for him!

  1. Where are we most likely to find you in your downtime (that is if you ever get any!) On his boat!
  2. What is your favourite place in the world? The Marina where Adrian’s boat is docked.
  3. Favourite hobby, sports club? Sailing.
  4. Favourite pet? Skipper, Adrian’s latest crew member.