Product code Description
701000 APA™ Video Viewer and Charger
701006 APA™ Handle
700930 APA™ MAC Camera Module
702910 APA™ MIL Camera Module (S)
702930 APA™ MIL Camera Module (L)
702110 APA™ MIL 1 Blade* (clean, non-sterile)
702120 APA™ MIL 2 Blade* (clean, non-sterile)
700130 APA™ MAC 3 Blade* (clean, non-sterile)
700140 APA™ MAC 4 Blade* (clean, non-sterile)
700170 APA™ DAB* (clean, non-sterile)
700180 APA™ U-DAB* (clean, non-sterile)
700330 APA™ O2 MAC 3* (clean, non-sterile)
700340 APA™ O2 MAC 4* (clean, non-sterile)
701001 APA™ Video Viewer Charger
701002 APA IP Shield™
701004 APA™ Video Cable (3.0m)
701008 APA™ Carry Case

*All blades are anti-fog coated

APA™ Video Viewer
Classification Class 1 medical device
Mains supply to charger 100V to 240V
Battery output 5V DC
Ingress protection IP33
Power consumption 8W
Display 86mm (3.5″) (320 x 240 pixels)
Transmissive TFT
Weight 130g
Impedance 75ohm
TV signal Composite 525 line 60Hz interlaced



APA™ Handle and Camera Module (Laryngoscope)
Classification Class 1 medical device
Size 110mm x 130mm x 35mm
Mass 305g (incl. AA cell)
Power 1 x alkaline or lithium AA 1.5V battery
Light source High intensity LED
Camera 1/18″ CMOS sensor with integrated lens
Ingress protection IP52
Material Durable medical grade elastomer, thermoplastic and stainless steel